Where will the money come from?

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions for everyone, so you need to carefully consider the issue before you start. Before you leave, it is worth determining how much we can spend on your next apartment. To do this, you must first look at the supply and check the supply in the light of the amount available. Moneycheck will help you do this and help everyone find the right solution for you. Let’s get started!

It’s a good idea to look at your monthly expenses first, as there may be some we can give up, which can put our family budget in a better position. If you are moving from an existing home to another, it is worth looking at real estate.com, for example, to see what the market offers on the market. That is, how much similar flats in the neighborhood are offered for sale by those who wear similar shoes. The proceeds from the sale of the home will account for a large part of the amount needed for the selected home.

Gift, loan, down payment

Gift, loan, down payment

If you need more money to buy a coveted home, you may want to ask family members if they can provide financial assistance. It is good to know that for direct relatives the gift is free of taxes and taxes, so the parent can give money. The money received as a gift can also be returned as a gift without tax.

You can also apply for a loan for the home for the company or organization where you work. This is officially called an “employer loan”. This solution is sometimes confused with salary advances, which can also be provided by the company to the employees. It is also tax-free and interest-free if this solution is available from the employer. The amount can be up to five times the minimum wage and must be paid back within six months. Although payroll looks like credit, it is not. In fact, the company gives you a larger amount in advance, which can then be repaid in installments.

If we have savings in home renting, it can also help, but you need to look at the contract, when it expires, and how much you can spend on buying a home.

A home loan can help

A home loan can help

If there is a surplus based on the pre-home purchase accounting that you can definitely use to pay off your loan in the long run, you can also use the home loan to pay off your chosen home. It is very important that we not only look ahead for a few months, but also make sure that we will be able to repay the mortgage loan. Although the rules state that half of our net salary can be used to pay off a loan or loans, our experts would rather advise you to pay up to 30 to 40 percent of your earnings. That is, do not stretch your family budget.

The state helps

money cash

Today, there is a wide range of government support available to home buyers. There are non-refundable grants and preferential home loans within the Claristas Family Home Loan scheme. There are various conditions attached to the many state-sponsored solutions, the amount of subsidies and allowances depends on the number of children raised and how many children we want in the future. Also, where to buy an apartment. It also matters if we want to move into a new or used apartment.

We can save millions!

Returning to home loans , it is a very important, in other words, an absolute pocket question, which bank we borrow from. Here’s a little detour. The amount of the loan is given because we know how much we need – say 8 or 10 million forints. However, each bank charges a different interest rate, gives them different discounts, and we could list them. That is why it is important to look at the offerings of different banks before you take out a home loan. Competition between banks is very intense, so conditions may change from day to day. This is an important question as we can save millions by taking out the most favorable home loan for us!


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