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It can be claimed by individuals, sole proprietors or joint ventures. In any case, the car is the cover. Legal entities may choose only leasing arrangements on the basis of the order of the HFSA. The car can be a passenger car or a truck up to 3.5 tons.

The deductible for a loan is 25% leasing and 20% for a loan. The maximum term is 84 months for individuals and 96 months for businesses. Available in casco or casco-free versions. The maximum age of the vehicle is 14 years. Both types are available in HUF and USD. The minimum deposit for a HUF loan is 25%, for a USD loan it is 40%. In case of leasing, the minimum HUF is 20%, and in the case of euro the min. 35%. The minimum loan amount is HUF 300,000. It is important to note the significant difference between the two types of financing, namely that in the case of a loan the car becomes our property, but in the case of leasing it is the property of the bank and we are listed as lessors.

Financing of an existing unladen free-to-use vehicle

If you own a vehicle that is unencumbered, this is the best way to get cash fast. In this case, you can also choose a loan or leasing scheme based on the basic terms already stated. Likewise, in the case of a demanding, positive evaluation, you will only need to submit a pedigree and, of course, you can continue to use the vehicle. The cost is minimal, only the option entry fee, which is $ 2,300.

Motor Purchase Loan

Buying an engine is now as easy as buying a car. And the conditions are that the engine must have a license plate, a maximum of 8 years, or of course a new one, the maturity can be arbitrarily between 1 and 7 years, but at the end of the maturity the engine’s vintage may not exceed 12 years. Here, too, you can choose between a loan or a leasing arrangement on a forint and euro basis. You can apply for a motor loan as an individual or as a legal entity.

To replace an existing car loan

To replace an existing car loan

In this case, you can obtain credit on exactly the same terms as when applying for a new one. It’s a good idea to replace your existing, high-repayment, bad-construction loan. Again, the same conditions apply as above, both in terms of maturity, funding and foreign exchange funds. It is important that, as you are applying for a new loan, you should always contact our experts before starting the process, who can assist you with the current market value of your car, as it depends on how much we can redeem your running loan. If there is more debt, the loan can be redeemed, but the difference must be paid in cash.


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