Registration of Death Coverage Insurance Contracts

In our day to day, and over many years, it is quite normal that we can take out different life insurance. We can do it with our trusted insurer, but also that our bank has forced us to do so when contracting a mortgage, that our company includes it as remuneration in kind or even that the credit card with which we make our daily payments has it.

Life insurance holder


If for a life insurance holder, control and knowledge is already complicated, it is even more so for a potential beneficiary or heirs. In order to know that life insurance has rights, the Registry of Death Coverage Insurance Contracts was created, which we explain how it works step by step.

How to access the information in the Life Insurance Contract Registry

How to access the information in the Life Insurance Contract Registry

  1. Proof of the death of the insurance holder : The Registry of Insurance Contracts of death coverage is public, but to be able to access it, a series of requirements must be met, so the first step will be to have the documentation that proves having that access and this is a death certificate of the possible holder. Once this certificate is obtained, you can submit an application between 15 days after the death and 5 years, which is the maximum period in which the data will be available unless the insurance has already been collected and the insurance company has informed of this fact.
  • Application form : You have three options and two forms of presentation. If you are going to make your request in person or by mail you must download from the Internet or pick up the 790 form at the Central Office of Citizen Services in Madrid or the Territorial Management of the Ministry of Justice. This generic model also serves to request the Death certificate and criminal record is easy to fill out. In addition to your personal data you must fill in the section “DATA OF THE PERSON REGARDING THE REQUEST / N THE CERTIFICATE / S OF LAST WILLS AND / OR OF CONTRACTS OF DEATH COVERAGE INSURANCE” the following information:
  • Your NIF, CIF, CIE or Passport.
  • Last name and name.
  • Date and place of birth (population, province, country).
  • Nationality.
  • Name of father and mother.
  • Purpose for which it is requested.

Request online the day


The Ministry of Justice has put into operation in recent months a system of prior appointment with which you can request online the day and time at which to present this documentation.

If you apply online, you will do it through the Electronic Office of the Ministry of Justice. You can do it with a digital certificate, the PIN identification system, but also without a certificate, filling in the online fields indicated above.

  • Payment of the corresponding fee : If you have made the application online, it will end after paying (also online) the corresponding fee. If you do it physically or by ordinary mail, presenting the copy of this model that is destined to the collaborating financial entity and presented that proof of payment. The current cost of this rate is 3.78 euros.
  • Delivery time : The legal term of issue is 7 business days in case of requests by postal mail. To this we must add the reception time at your home. If you request it electronically, the term is shorter, from 24 to 48 hours, to which you must add the advantage of receiving it online.

With your certificate, which specifies all the insurance subscribed by the deceased, you can start the collection process.


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